STEP.O1The First Butterflies

Since graduating from middle school, Hana Ichinose has been living on her own and away from her parents in an apartment complex managed by her cousin. This spring, she will finally be making her long-awaited high school debut; however, the thought of not knowing anyone at a brand new school fills her with much anxiety.
After nervously making it through the entrance ceremony on her first day of school, Hana looks around and realizes that most of the students have already formed friend groups and cliques. Being first on roll call, Hana is required to be the first one to introduce herself to the class… Will the painfully shy Hana survive the first day of school and make new friends??

STEP.O2Exercise Wears Me Out

Cheerful Tamate Momochi, who does everything at her own pace. Mature Eiko Tokura, with excellent communication skills. Kamuri Sengoku, who is small but has a voracious appetite. Hana has become close with these three classmates by chance, also becoming her group of friends to eat lunch with. As much as she enjoys her time with them, comparing lunches and sharing food with each other, she continues to keep her past a secret. Meanwhile, the physical fitness test is coming up at school. But Hana, has not been active at all during her gap year after graduating middle school...

STEP.O3Tracks of My Tears

The four are talking about their Golden Week vacation plans. They soon find out that they are all free on the last day of the break, so the girls plan a study session at Hana's at Temari Heights for the upcoming proficiency tests. Hana cannot contain her excitement over inviting her friends over to her place. And Shion, Hana's cousin, is just as thrilled when she hears the plan. Each of them separately enjoy their Golden Week vacation to their hearts' content, until it is finally the day of the study session.

STEP.O4Premium Tournament on the 2nd Floor

Hiroe Hannen is the mysterious resident of Temari Heights apartment 202. When Hana goes up to deliver a package for her, paranoid Hiroe mistakes Hana as a suspicious intruder. Her misunderstanding is straightened out with Shion's introduction, but it soon becomes clear that Hiroe is a shut-in, who cannot step out even to the convenience store.
Her high school years were smooth sailing until an accident that became a turning point in her life. Hearing Hiroe's personal story resonates with Hana, who then shares her secret of being a year behind in high school.

STEP.O5Kamuri's Fluffy

Kamuri, who is very much attached to Eiko, is thrilled when she gets a photo of her from back in middle school. However, the girl in the photo looks different from the Eiko that Kamuri met in passing last year. When asked, Eiko confirms that she is the one in the photo. While Kamuri is unsatisfied with the lingering mystery, Hana also recalls passing by a girl who looked a lot like Eiko in the shopping district. The two are intrigued by the possibility of a lookalike, and set off in search of Eiko's secret.

STEP.O6Slimy Eel

Tonight is the sleepover at Temari Heights. Despite their initial plan to have a study session for the upcoming exams, Tamate has been giving it her all to prepare a delicious meal for everyone. Arriving at Temari Heights before anyone else, she welcomes the rest of the group to the apartment along with Hana. The sleepover continues and time passes by quickly, as they play games, pamper each other, all while studying hard. The final thing on their list is of course, ghost stories! Will scaredy-cat Hana survive the night?

STEP.O7Cuffed Wrists

Eiko receives birthday gifts from all of her classmates. As they all turn out to be hairclips, Eiko’s hair is soon filled with pins that her homeroom teacher Kiyose Enami decides to nickname her, “Pinko Tokura.” There is usually one sophisticated hairpin in Eiko’s hair and it becomes the topic of discussion for the girls on their walk home after school. Tamate is very much curious as to where she purchased the pin. But Eiko seems to be keeping a secret with an enigmatic smile.

Staff & Cast


  • Original Story

    TokumiManga Time Kirara (Houbunsha)

  • Director

    HashimotoIs the Order a Rabbit?

  • Series Composition

    Mio InoueIs the Order a Rabbit?

  • Character Design/
    Chief Animation Director

    Masato AnnoFlying Witch

  • Prop Design

    Masako Itou 

  • Main Animator

    Kosuke Yoshida 

  • Art Director

    Katsufumi Hariu

  • Color Setting

    Kanako Hokari

  • CG Director

    Shinji Nasu

  • Director of Photography

    Satoru Kuroiwa

  • Editor

    Ayumu Takahashi

  • Sound Director

    Jin Aketagawa

  • Sound Effects

    Toshiya Wada

  • Music

    Yoshiaki Fujisawa

  • Music Production


  • Animation Production

    A-1 PicturesThe iDOLM@STER franchise, anohana


  • Hana Ichinose

    Reina Kondo

  • Tamate Momochi

    Ayasa Ito

  • Eiko Tokura

    Tomomi Mineuchi

  • Kamuri Sengoku

    Maria Naganawa

  • Shion Kyozuka


  • Hiroe Hannen

    Maaya Uchida

  • Kiyose Enami

    Manami Numakura